Vladimír Krčméry

*23. July 1960 †20. December 2022


St. Philip Neri Rescue Centre is a non-profit organisation. All of the expenses necessary for the operation of SPNR are covered partially by the budget we get from the University of St. Elizabeth (our parent institute), as well as from subsidies from our regular sponsors.

We are able to organise educational trips, leisure activities, help families in need and to finance other events. These are only possible thanks to your generosity.

All of our children and staff are grateful for every smile we have given together.


We help our children to grow, and so we do grow as well. That's why we decided to buy a new house for our activities, near Lake Victoria. However, we need to renovate this house and adapt it to local legal requirements and our needs.

We are turning to you, our benefactors, to join the fundraising we are doing for this purpose.

Our Key Partner

Since the foundation we are supervised and subsidized by the St.Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava.

Our Alma Mater provides resources for most of our regular (or one-time) assistance to families and individuals.


All the meals, clothing, house maintenance and energy payments are paid by our parent institute. Our main operations are under the auspices of the St. Elizabeth University.


Tradition contributes to a feeling of comfort and belonging. To highlight these special days (such as Easter, Christmas or New Year), the University grants a particular budget to celebrate them.

In addition, during the school holidays we are able to organise various trips around the country


Our Alma Mater takes care of all our medical expenses. Furthermore, it covers the salaries of our employees, transport fees and full maintenance of our project vehicle as well.


Thanks to the St. Elizabeth University we can also develop supportive activities in our area. In case of social or personal crises, natural disasters we are ready to listen, evaluate and help as much as possible.


We are overseen by the accounting department from the University of St Elizabeth. They supervise and approve our expenses, process our accountings and keep track of our annual financial statements.

Prof. Vladimír Krčméry
Rector of the St. Elizabeth University
  • Family of Cherine and Milad

  • Regular Sponsors

    The vast majority of our continuous contributors come from a small Catholic parish in the village of Závod, western Slovakia. Other sponsors are coming from different locations, mostly within Slovakia.

    Thanks to their benefaction we are able to cover many other necessities, as well as occasional treats on our holiday trips.

    Some of the benefactors send funds for a specific purpose, sometimes we ask them for extra help in cases of unforeseen events.

    St. Michael Church, Roman Catholic Parish Závod, Slovakia

    Chapati ni chakula mzuri sana!
    A very strange kind of food called Pizza
    Easter Sunday