Vladimír Krčméry

*23. July 1960 †20. December 2022

Funds & Resources

Monthly Reports

St. Philip Neri Rescue Centre is a non-profit organisation. All of the expenses necessary for the operation of SPNR are covered partially by the budget we get from the University of St. Elizabeth (our parent institute), as well as from subsidies from our regular sponsors.

Any financial or material support creates a bond between the benefactor and the receiver. We understand the responsibility we have towards your donations, so that their placement will contribute to our cause in Kisumu town in the best possible way.

Transparency is important to us. On this page you have access to our monthly expenses files and to our director's reports concerning our activities and the major events at St. Philip Neri, month after month.


Accounting of the charity fundraiser for our new home

Here you can read the complete list of our private sponsors and other resources.

Monthly Reports

We are currently preparing an English translation of the monthly reports.

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