Vladimír Krčméry

*23. July 1960 †20. December 2022

Support the Progress of Neri's Pupils

VÚB Banka

Transparent Account: St Philip Neri

IBAN: SK18 0200 0000 0046 6271 7455


A fundraiser to expand our activity, to give our boys a comfortable place to restart

As we show our boys the better way, as we upbring them, so our experience grows with them. Unfortunately, the number of streetboys in Kisumu city raises too.

Until today, a rented house was used for the purposes of the SPNR center. After contemplation, discussions and weighing our options, we decided to move into our own. We found a nice house, near Lake Victoria, not far from our current residence.

However, this house has been lying idle for a long time. We need to properly renovate it and adapt it to our needs and local legislative requirements for a children's center. We have to re-install electricity and water, to strengthen the structure, lay a new tiled floor in several rooms, to put together the kitchen, build outside a new dry toilet and a football pitch. We also have to adapt the dormitory, sitting/eating room and internal bathroom.

Therefore, we are turning to you, our sponsors and benefactors, with a request for help. The main sponsor of the project is, as always, the University of st. Elizabeth, which provided a substantial financial amount for the purchase of the property. For all the other expenses mentioned, we are dependent on the goodwill of the people.