St. Philip Neri Rescue Centre

St. Philip Neri Rescue Centre is a CBO (Community based organisation) located in Nyalenda slum, the suburb of Kenya’s Kisumu town.

The principal aim of our activity is addressing the acute social problem spread throughout Kenya- disturbing number of homeless children.

Since its official establishment in 2016, SPNR has been operating under the auspices of the St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic.


To ensure the healthy development of our children, we have acquired a new, dignified home near Lake Victoria. We have renovated it not only to meet local legal requirements, but also, thanks largely to you, our supporters, we have built a football field, playground, small garden and bread oven.

All this was made possible thanks to the generosity and goodwill of you - benefactors, sponsors and friends. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of our reborn children.

An Urgent Task for Humanity

According to the UN statistics, 150 million children are currently exposed to the life on streets due to various issues and conflicts.

The Kenyan government estimates the number of street children within its borders at 300 thousand souls, the youngest being only around four years old.

Street Children of Kenya

There has been no particular armed conflict in the Republic of Kenya since its liberation from British colonial rule in 1963.

Homeless children, often addicted to drugs, whose presence on the streets is a daily part of local life, is attributed to many factors. The main ones are poverty, hunger, complex and expensive access to education, as well as the inefficiency of state social policies.


Many of the street kids are doomed to a short, miserable future. The damage caused to the child's soul through violence, drugs and a callous street is irreversible. Even if armies of social workers operated around the world, these deep wounds would forever remain a social and health complication for many of them. This fate is defined by a lack of international publicity and consequential short financial resources.

'If you save one life, it is as you saved the entire world.'

Our rescue program is based on this well-known Jewish proverb. This is the core of our program.


Despite all the adversities, there are children who are still able to consciously create their future. Their body and mentality have not been irretrievably destroyed. They were strong enough to withstand the circumstances of street life.

Our social workers are natives of the local community and are specially trained to identify children with a chance of remedy, which are then admitted to our program.

Unexpected Arrivals

Unfortunately, our resources fall short of the vast number of children in need on the streets. Many have missed too much schooling and may exhibit challenging behavior, making their immediate reintegration difficult.

Our team connects to the street children in the field, so we are able to prepare the procedure for the new admission. Nevertheless, if a child in need knocks on our door asking for help, we cannot refuse.

Last Resort

Our main goal is to place each child in the local community so that the individual is fully prepared for social reintegration.

If there is no capable guardian or relative, we are able to provide a temporary home. In this case, we provide all the basic necessities for life. The guidance and discipline, meaningful leisure time and of course, education at the local school.

Vladimír Krčméry

*23. July 1960 †20. December 2022




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